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Antoine's Wines

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Villebois Prestige Sauvignon Blanc 2019

A winemaker from the Loire Valley with roots as deep as his vines

    • Antoine grew up in the heart of the Loire Valley surrounded by vineyards, so it's no surprise he grew up to be a winemaker. 
    • His old world Loire Valley roots were allowed to flourish whilst winemaking in the new world vineyards of Argentina and South Africa.
    • With the influence and valuable second hand knowledge of winemakers from across the globe at his fingertips, Antoine was ready to take on a vineyard of his own upon his return to the Loire Valley

Antoine's Story

I grew up in the hear of Loire Valley surrounding by vineyards so since my childhood I saw, smell and felt grapes and wines it was my destiny ! and I will never change as this is a passion not a job!

Studied winemaking in Beaune and wine business between Montpellier & Bordeaux. Spent 10 years overseas to make wines (Argentina, South Africa) and worked for wine importers in the USA, I visited wineries while travelling to see what earth has to offer and meet great wine mates !

What makes your wines special?
Our unique Terroir and Climate in Saint Andelain, as well the dedication & passion of our small team of "Green Hand" people! 

Which varietal / style is your passion and why?
I love working with Sauvignon Blanc it is full of surprises every vintages and also vibrant, fragile and you are never bored ! 

What do you hope to accomplish as an Angel-funded winemaker?
To continue developing our winery and improve the quality of wines every vintages ! We have only one chance per year to experiment new methods in the vineyards and the cellar

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