Who Wants to be a Vineyard Owner...







1 x Vineyard Share

You asked for it!

Ever wanted to own a share in a wine business? Kevin Jacklin did, so he set up a group to discuss it...and a whole bunch of people agreed.

So we went off to try to make it happen. Here is the deal. If you buy one share for £400...

  • This pays to rent the land and you get the wine for 3 years.
  • The charming Ryan O'Connell (winemaker for Domaine O'Vineyards) will look after the vines and be our winemaker.
  • The wine will be a Syrah/Cab blend, with a little oak. The vineyard is located in the Languedoc region in the South of France.

Your £400 gets you 600 square feet, which should produce 25-30 bottles of wine a year, so over 3 years that will work out at around £5 a bottle, if you collect it yourself. If you want us to deliver it, that will cost an extra £4.70 a bottle, so collecting is really the best option! I know that this sounds eye watering, but only 80p of that is our fee. The rest is duty, VAT, delivery and packaging costs.

We need 100 people to get involved to make this dream a reality. Don't miss your chance to be part of something really unique! To read more about it, join the group using the link below...