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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Chattan Groom Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Champion of the Californian central coast

    • We’ve been looking for an experienced winemaker familiar with the central Coast and Monterey area in particular – we knew Rick fit the bill. He's farmed the gorgeous, cool South Cali vineyards for over 25 years!
    • He had been making wine his whole life, but got out of the biz (to start a bonsai business) because the risk and middlemen got in the way of his passion. He's back in, thanks to you!
    • What makes Rick's wines special?  "I take a different perspective compared to a lot of other wines out there - like Euro style; delicate - like focused generous reds, focused complex whites; plenty of persistence, fruit, and flavor."

Ricks's Story

I have farmed for over 25 years in Monterey County and was involved in installing the first vertical trellis systems in California in the early 80s before Napa made it cool. We had many trials and tribulations developing the trellis systems to hold the grapes vertical and protect them from the strong winds down in Monterey County, which is a very unique wine growing area.  

I worked as General Manager, Director and Winemaker for huge, publically traded companies such as Constellation and Brown Forman (on brands such as Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Blackstone, Black Box, Hidden Crush, Vintage Ink, etc.).  On the private side I have worked for Gallo, EOS and Ventana Vineyards. I like creating a product that changes each year, deals with nature and I get to be outside much of the time. I have the opportunity to create something from the earth that gives people pleasure. 

I take a different perspective compared to a lot of other California Winemakers out there. I try to make wines that are feminine; delicate, layered, pretty. Focused wines that are complex; plenty of persistence, fruit, and flavor. Interesting wines. Riesling. It can have so many styles and flavors. From dry to super sweet. Very sophisticated to just quaff it. It also can age very well. Joy, having my young kids at the winery on Saturday during the harvest and helping with the tour. Tasting with them out of barrel as they got older and they enjoyed the wines. 

Drinking multiple full thieves of Le Montrachet out of barrel in the cellar at Domaine Ramonet in Chassagne, France with a few friends. That is my “Holy Grail place”. Funds will allow me to produce a wine that is 100% my vision/totally my vision.  I can capture my own gems instead of blending them into huge tanks – I always disliked blending away killer wines while working at larger wineries. It is fun to create wines that you think others will enjoy when they consume them. 

The Angels allow us to play in the “sand box”. It removes one of the biggest hurdles to the wine production process. How do I continually finance my habit? I hope to create wines that the Angel’s continually enjoy. Wines that they do not get from their local shop."

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