Naked Winemaker

Richard Kershaw

South Africa's first Master of Wine, adored by Angels and critics alike


Richard's Wines

  • South Africa
  • 11 wines
  • 5 styles
  • 1× crisp white
  • 2× rich whites
  • 1× fruity white
  • 3× fruity reds
  • 4× smooth reds
    • He's a tip-off from Rod and Richard proved he is seriously wine savvy when he became a Master of Wine. Not bad for a man from Sheffield!
    • Angel funding gave Richard the jump his one-man business needed, allowing him to tap into South Africa's huge potential to make spectacular wines without hiking up the price.
    • Unlike the show-off wineries in South Africa, Richard dreams of owning a shed to make wine in. So you're not paying for fancy cellar doors, marble floors, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Just raw winemaking talent, great grapes, and a shed.

Richard's Activity