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Left a corporate job in Chile to start her own vineyard from scratch

    • Emma lived in Hawke's Bay as a teenager which instantly sparked her love for the industry and trained at Adelaide University.
    • When running one of the smaller wineries for a large Chilean wine company she met her husband Marcelo then headed back to NZ to carve her vineyard from scratch.
    • Emma uses minimal intervention in all her winemaking practices!

Map of the Vineyard

Emma Lowe's Story

After growing up on a farm, my parents moved to Hawke?s Bay when I was in my final year of high school, and trying to decide what life should hold once I stepped out of the school gates for the last time.

Well, moving to a region full of vineyards opened my eyes to a brand new possibility that encompassed travel, adventure and working in an industry where people are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do!

My wine knowledge was small but I headed off to Adelaide University (formerly the Roseworthy Agricultural College course) to remedy that and four years later left with knowledge and enthusiasm to conquer the winemaking world.

There is a lot to LOVE about winemaking. I love the challenge of making a product from scratch that changes from year to year with the seasons. I love the people that are drawn to this industry. I love the variety (from vineyard to winery) that my job brings. I love having had the opportunity to live and work with many different people in many different cultures.

I'm also lucky to have the support of my awesome husband / vineyard manager /chief cook who does a great job in the vineyard and even helps out in the winery if he really has to. I also have a lovely baby girl whose smile makes the most challenging days all worth while!

My five winemaking philosophies? Well...

  1. A winemaker should regularly leave footprints in the vineyard
  2. Winemaking is about preserving and enhancing the flavours of the grapes
  3. Ageing on yeast lees adds depth and texture
  4. Barrel ageing needs to be carefully balanced with fruit freshness
  5. Tasting other wines is paramount to improving your own!

There are of course a few things that aren't so great about the job, like the paperwork and all the bureaucracy hoops you have to jump through! But it's still an industry I absolutely love.

The maddest thing I've done for the love of wine? Leave a cushy corporate winemaker job in a large Chilean wine company to return to a bare piece of stony land in New Zealand to carve out a vineyard with my Chilean husband, Marcelo. Then to design and build our own winery and brave the world of wine sales to launch our own brand Monowai.

A few other Naked Truths about Emma:

  • ?If I wasn't working in the Wine Industry, I could imagine myself... working in tourism.?
  • ?If I could request any meal in the world to accompany my favourite wine (a Pinot Noir), I'd order... a peking duck.?
  • ?If I could hop on a plane tomorrow to any other winemaking region in the world, I would go to... Colchagua valley, Chile, to catch up with friends for some of the best BBQing in the world accompanied by a delicious rich smooth Carmenere.?
  • ?If I had to offer one piece of advice on what makes a good winemaker, my pearl of wisdom would be... cross an artist, a scientist, a plumber and an electrician to get someone creative who pays attention to the details and has good practical problem solving skills.?

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