Naked Winemaker

Camille Benitah



Her Napa wines are legendary, it's about time people know the name hidden behind the label

  • Camille has been involved in the wonderful world of wine since her school days in Bordeaux, where she worked at a prestigious 17th century Chateaux. She's since moved to California and was the winemaker for one of Napa's sought after cult wines.
  • But like all real artists, Camille wanted to make her own wine, her own way - her newly found Angels allow her to do just that. Her dedication to every last drop of her wine and every single step involved in making it, is clear to see and even clearer to taste.
  • 'I like the early mornings and the late nights during harvest. I enjoy the people who are tirelessly tending the vines and the land so it can give us a beautiful crop. I love using French hand-crafted barrels and experiencing the wines as they are age. Then, years after, when I open a bottle and take a sip, I remember all the people and all the beautiful landscapes, sunrises and sunsets I saw while making that bottle.'

Camille Winemaker


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