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Juan Ignacio's Wines

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Lay of the Land Destination Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Edgard Carter Cienaga de Name Carignan 2018

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Edgard Carter Cienaga de Name Carignan 2018

A true artisan, small-scale Chilean winemaker!

    • Juan is our favourite kind of winemaker. Big on grapes. Small on international wine marketing. A genuine artisan, one-man band, small-scale winemaker.
    • Juan doesn't own a suit. Probably. He certainly doesn't have a sales manager. So when Juan's principal client went bust we stepped in and helped out. In exchange for preferential prices.
    • Fresh, pure and delicious. Being a small producer, we don't have an endless supply of Juan's wine. So best get in while you can.

Map of the Vineyard

Juan Ignacio Mena's Story

"Hi there, my name is Juan Mena, I am Chilean, happily married and father of 6 wonderful kids. 41 years, agronomy engineer and winemaker.  My story with wine started in 1997, when I was committed to take care of the lands my family had bought  in San Javier, Maule, and transform them in a prosper and special vineyard... our family vineyard, Tinajas del Maule.

Our vineyard is located in Maule valley (south centre of Chile), wich is a cold area, where the fresh fruit aromas remark over the ones of smoke and marmelades.  Our wines are young and friendly, lively, fruity with little oak, soft wines silky in stead of dry and astringent…

One of our most important challenges has been to give work and training to not professional people. We have conformed a great working team.  These people of great human qualities and values, have become experts in the area despite their little studies, but big effort in learning, team with whom we have developed products of international  quality standard (IFS, ISO 9001).

I really hope you can enjoy our wines. They are the produce of the decision of taking the best of nature and the best of people. So, as  we say in my country:  “ salud “!  (cheers)"

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Charles Duckworth
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Wine - Ghana style!

Christina A'Hara
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Red, white, rosé or sparkling - life's too short for bad wine!

Craig Mackay
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I am a 54 year old owner of a Financial Solutions Company based in Kent. Married father of three, with an interest in wine that most would consider less than healthy. <BR><BR>Drink mostly reds, but depending on dinner love sharp crisp tasting whites with fish or chicken. <BR><BR>Rose, well that is just summer so between the months of June and September you might catch me with the odd case in the cellar. <BR><BR>Love anything with bubbles, so that includes unusual beers and bubbly. <BR><BR>Glad to have found this site not long after it started. A true 21st Century success story!!!