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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Dave Harvey Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Dominic Hentall Pouilly Fuisse 2018

Your Walla Walla Washington specialist

    • Dave has dedicated the last 30 years to crafting beautiful wines that push the boundaries, bringing that breezy Pacific freshness to old world favourites.
    • As a trainee winemaker Dave was told 'It’s a Chardonnay/Merlot world out there' - if you thought this would faze Dave, you would be very wrong. He is now the proud creator of a series of top notch Syrahs, Sauvignon Blancs and Viogniers, complete with a clean sweep of dazzling awards.
    • Dedicated to unearthing the best vineyards Washington has to offer, there isn't a grape in Dave's state that he has yet to leave untasted. After all, no one knows better than him that these vineyards are pure gold, and he's ready to start shouting about it with a little bit of help from his newly found Angels.

Dave's Story

I was born and raised in Eastern Washington, where I live and make wine today. My parents were both musicians, so by default I spent much time playing my trombone. In college I studied retail management, and of course played in several musical groups. After college I dabbled in winemaking as a side job until I was able to land a full-time position in 1994.

I think I became a winemaker because my Dad made wine as I was growing up. I found that making wine and making music aren’t really that different. Both require a similar approach and thought process. By working nights and weekends early in my career I found I had a very, very good palate and some natural ability at making wine. I also enjoy the outdoors, so I've never (ever) minded being paid to spend my day in a vineyard.

I have always worked in small wineries, so “hands on” is an understatement. I only spend time in the office when it’s a requirement (and thanks to Angels, that requirement is less and less!) 
What I love about winemaking is the fact that no two days are ever the same. Making wine requires a variety of skills in a small winery, from chemistry to marketing, and there's never a dull moment – just exciting challenges.

A long time ago, a winemaker I was working with told me “Dave – it’s a Chardonnay/Merlot world out there." With that attitude... I just had to start working with Rhone varietals like Syrah. And I never stopped.

I couldn’t do any of this without Angels' help, so thank YOU. 

...and get ready. It’s time to paint the world in Washington wine!

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