Meet the team

We're a happy bunch at Naked Wines HQ. We currently employ around 130 people and most of us are based in the fine city of Norwich.

Here are a few of the team who you're likely to bump into around the website...

  • Da Boss!
  • Loves: Smell of freshly mown grass
  • Hates: Hayfever!
  • Favourite wine: The one I have in my hand right now!
  • Would most like to meet: Nelson Mandela
  • The Irishman
  • Loves: Airplane food
  • Hates: Coriander - it's evil
  • Favourite wine: New Zealand Pinot Noir - Angel funded of course
  • Would most like to meet: Rachel Allen - I love her deeply!
  • Chief Wine Planner
  • Loves: Winning at squash
  • Hates: After Eights and Guinea Pigs
  • Favourite wine: Small and Small Sylvia Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. I could drink it all day.
  • Would most like to meet: Kung Fu Panda - I like his moves!
  • The Man Who Can
  • Loves: Making things with the leftover corks
  • Hates: Rotting tomatoes (after my trip to the Tomatina!)
  • Favourite wine: Benjamin Darnault Maris La Senche
  • Would most like to meet: Winston Churchill and share a cigar
  • Marketing Director
  • Loves: Fresh flowers
  • Hates: Being cold
  • Favourite wine: Johan Kruger's Matteo Reserve
  • Would most like to meet: Michelle Obama
  • Development Manager
  • Loves: The North Norfolk Coast
  • Hates: Cider... apples should be restricted to crumbles and pies!
  • Favourite wine: Kimbao Carmenere
  • Would most like to meet: Del Boy, Rodney, Boycie & Trigger in the Nags Head
  • The Wine Nut
  • Loves: Sushi!
  • Hates: Bad body odour - perils of a sensitive nose
  • Favourite wine: The Barolo/Barbaresco about to land on the Naked site
  • Would most like to meet: The person who keeps putting junk mail in my letterbox!
  • PR Guru
  • Loves: A good (strong) cup of coffee
  • Hates: Instant coffee. Just no.
  • Favourite wine: Lay of the Land Elevation Sauvignon Blanc
  • Would most like to meet: Prince Charming
  • Marketing / Wine Team
  • Loves: Cats, pizza, Heavy Metal
  • Hates: Celery & Parma Violets
  • Favourite wine: Villebois Prestige Sauvignon Blanc
  • Would most like to meet: down the pub.
  • Partnerships Director
  • Loves: CHRISTMAS!!
  • Hates: Offal. It's all kinds of wrong.
  • Favourite wine: A large glass of Gewurtztraminer.
  • Would most like to meet: Henry Cavill. Or Hugh Jackman. Or David Gandy. Or.....
  • Delivery Guy
  • Loves: Fast food and fast cars (you can take the boy out of Essex, but you can't take Essex out of the boy)
  • Hates: Hangovers, fish and the heat, especially all together
  • Favourite wine: Negreiros Douro
  • Would most like to meet: Isambard Kingdom Brunel with a Meccano set
  • Number Cruncher
  • Loves: Watching and playing football
  • Hates: Losing at anything!!!
  • Favourite wine: Montaria Premium 2011
  • Would most like to meet: Dermot O'Leary or Chris Moyles
  • People Development Manager
  • Loves: La Famiglia, Dancing & Arancini
  • Hates: Cucumber
  • Favourite wine: Prosecco
  • Would most like to meet: Sigmund Freud
  • Customer Happiness Manager
  • Loves: Wes Anderson Films
  • Hates: Bad grammar
  • Favourite wine: Ben Darnault's Picpoul de Pinet
  • Would most like to meet: Cormac McCarthy
  • The Mascot
  • Loves: Salty nuts
  • Hates: People pulling my tail
  • Favourite wine: Anything fizzy and sweet
  • Would most like to meet: Banana Man