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A winemaking veteran with almost 30 vintages under his belt, with a passion for Grenache

    • Raised in the family vineyards in a typical southern French village, Michel took advantage of all the local customs and traditions.

    • A self-defined ‘peasant researcher’, he loves to challenge himself at all stages of the winemaking process from growing to the final product in a bottle. 

    • Michel says meeting Phillipe Cambie was a major turn in defining his personal style. Their main goal is to reveal the true potential of Grenache and they’ve certainly done just that with their Halos de Jupiter Costieres de Nimes 2018.

Map of the Vineyard

Michel's Story

I grew up in France around the family vineyards in Caissargues a small village close to Nîmes, and typical of the south of France. I really enjoy my childhood in the countryside in all innocence taking advantage of local customs.

By family passion, entrepreneurship and the desire to By family passion, entrepreneurship and the desire to bequeath to his children a strong family story. to his children a strong family story. I've been making wine since 1992, so 27 different vintages of experience and 28 soon!

I like define myself as a “peasant-researcher”, I love to challenge myself and my team at all stages of the production process whether in the vineyard or in the cellar to always increase the quality. I make wines with transparence, character and with a terroir philosophy and try to use some old or new technical in the vineyard and the cellar but always respectful of the environment who can make my wine unique.

My favourite variety is Grenache. The Grenache is the king of variety grape mostly in the Rhône Valley for his aromatic diversity in each appellation and terroir as you can see in the Halos de Jupiter range… And the Riesling for his petrol evolution notes and his nice acidity, I love tension in the wine!

2016 was the best vintage I never vinify since I making wines, perfect mature of the grape, good acidity, amazing balance… And the amazing feedback of the public, the press and international critics are always rewarding for us but also great to make a focus on the Costières-de-Nîmes appellation when they are glowing.

Meeting with Phillipe Cambie in 2006 was an important moment in my career, mostly when he ask me “What kind of wines do you want to make?” That was a major turn to define my personal style.

We are planning to renovate an old Noria on the estate. It is an old well that worked at the time with donkeys, to raise the deep spring water. That’s a cultural heritage that we wish to save!

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