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Alain and Vincent's Wines

French father & son winemaking duo, with a serious passion for Sauvignon

    • When we stumbled upon Alain & Vincent we couldn’t believe our luck. They’ve over 45 years’ experience, a 300 year-old winemaking family, and a vineyard in Gaillac which goes back to Roman times.
    • Alain is a bit of a local saint, having rescued the local co-operative from the edge of bankruptcy. But his main passion is making traditional wines from grapes grown on his own estate.
    • To have 180,000 thirsty Angels queueing up for their amazing wines seems like a miracle to Alain and Vincent. It’ll enable them to support their local co-op more. Even better, they’ll be able to take their already unbelievable wines to another level. 

Alain and Vincent's Story

"My father (Alain) started making wine over 30 years ago  - I joined the family business about 15 years ago and haven’t looked back.

I, like my father, have a real passion for wine and studies around it. Our favourite grape to work with is Sauvignon Blanc.

The Sauvignon we are sharing with Angels has the intense aromas of grapefruit, lemons and limes pairing with the crisp, fresh acidity we love. We really hope you love it too!

We spend each vintage making sure our grapes show their truest characteristics. We like to make wines our family and your family can enjoy whatever the occasion.

Cheers to our new adventures with the Angels!"

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