Here’s what we’re doing (and what we’re not) to make sure our customers have the opportunity to buy wine safely and securely in these unprecedented times - and how you can re-stock whilst helping us to keep the wine flowing for everyone...

Our response to the UK lockdown

We are...
  • Continuing to take orders and deliver using our warehouse and delivery partner - as long as it is safe for them to do so
  • Making sure our suppliers and their key workers have the right precautions in place to keep safe
We're not...
  • Completely closing, because we are able to continue trading as long as it is safe for our warehouse staff and couriers to work - we believe that direct delivery is a better alternative than leaving your home and visiting a store to buy wine, and this is in line with government advice
  • Ever going to compromise on this, and if this changes we will stop taking orders

Placing an order

We are....
  • Welcoming a limited number of orders each day from new customers who want to join our Angel community
  • Offering a small range of introductory cases at a special price for new customers who are looking to invest in talented winemakers and get deliveries direct to their door
  • Only offering new customer cases that automatically get you into the gang as a new Angel
  • Only taking orders through our website
  • Removing saved items (including any free samples we may have added in the past) from your shopping basket - we can't process them for now so they need to come out
We're not...
  • Going to overload our warehouse - we’ll keep an eye on the number of orders we take each day to make sure we don’t compromise the safety of our people or the service we offer
  • Accepting vouchers - we may do again, but while our warehouse capacity is limited, we can’t safely take a rush of heavily discounted orders, so we’re focused on giving people who want to become long-term Angels a way to buy wine that doesn’t involve a trip to the shops
  • Asking you to stay a part of something that’s not right for you - you can cancel or make changes to your Angel account at any time
  • Able to take orders through our app or over the phone at the moment
  • Removing these items for good - when the warehouse is at full capacity again, we’ll put all in-stock saved items back in your basket


We are...
  • Doing our best to keep our customers topped up with their favourite wines
  • Delivering contact-free to home addresses only - please update your delivery instructions with your safe place when you check out.
We're not...
  • Delivering next day as standard just now, but we’ll be back to normal service as soon as we can
  • Delivering to click & collect locations - this would require people to leave their homes to pick up their wine

Angel free samples

We are...
  • Putting monthly Angel free samples on hold while our range is limited to allow our warehouse team to practise safe social distancing - we'll donate to Meals for the NHS on your behalf instead
We're not...
  • Cancelling free samples altogether - we'll make sure you’ll get the chance to claim your free sample as soon as we’re back to business as usual

Keeping your money safe

We are...
  • As ever, protecting the money you invest - we have cash in the bank following the sale of Majestic to meet the level of Angel funds we owe, as well as stock in excess of the total Angel balance - so your cash is covered twice
We're not...
  • Removing any of the usual options you have - if you decide you’d prefer to cancel your account and get any unspent money back, you are free to do this at any time through our website. If you’d prefer to pause your Angel payments or reduce the amount you pay in, you can do so here.

Staying connected

We are...
  • Bringing together our online community of wine drinkers and winemakers during this time - follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop
We're not...
  • Going to go quiet on you! We'll be keeping you up to date with everything that's happening during this time - don’t forget you have a community of fellow wine lovers on our online groups to turn to if you fancy a chat.

Summer Tasting Tour

We are...
  • Cancelling our Summer Tasting Tour
  • We're gutted that we’ve had to make this call, but keeping our Angels, winemakers and staff safe during this uncertain time is our top priority. We’re looking at ways to fill the Tour-sized hole and bring you and your winemakers together to share a virtual glass
We're not...
  • Cancelling our Winter Tasting Tour
  • As things stand we're still going to be winding our way around the UK in November, visiting 4 cities with 100 delicious bottles including first taste of some new arrivals, trusty Angel favourites, and a few surprise treats

Contacting us

We are...
  • Prioritising staff safety - we have everyone working from home using email and live chat to speak with you
  • As ever, responding to all our customers as soon as we can (please remember to double check your junk folder in case our reply has got caught)
We're not...
  • Able to take inbound phone calls at the moment - we’re hoping to have a solution to this within a couple of weeks, but would ask that you bear with us if it takes us a little longer than normal to get back to you
  • Able to offer call backs on request, but you can use our live chat service to get in touch in real time Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm and 9am-1pm Sat