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Former composer and 5th generation Burgundy winemaker working in harmony with nature to carry on his family's prestigious winemaking tradition

  • Simon was born and raised at the Chapelle family estate, where his ancestors have been making top-quality Burgundy for over 100 years. When most kids his age were playing with toy cars and action figures, he was already helping his mum and dad do odd jobs around the winery. It seemed only natural he would follow in their footsteps when he grew up… although he took a significant detour to get there.

  • A passionate musician, Simon left the family winery to pursue a career as a composer. Out in the world, he met so many people who were blown away by his Burgundy upbringing, it made him realise just how special ‘home’ really was. After 10 years in the music industry, he made ‘the biggest decision of my life’ and bowed out to return to his roots in Burgundy, carrying on the Chapelle family’s prestigious winemaking tradition.

  • After finally working his first proper harvest in 2015, Simon’s got into the rhythm of making truly top-notch Burgundy that lives up to the family name. He aims to work in harmony with nature and farms all his vineyards organically - to celebrate the incredible terroir of his home in the most natural way possible.

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