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Pierre's Wines

With vineyards spread over 15 villages in Alsace, Pierre takes advantage of a variety of soils and grapes to provide you with delicious and diverse wines

    • With over 25 years’ experience at some of the most renowned domaines in Alsace, Pierre has concentrated all of his skills and knowledge into a delicious range from the Dusenbach Estate.
    • Whether you prefer your wines mineral dry, round and fruity or slightly sweet and aromatic, Pierre’s got you covered.
    • When he heard about our Angels, Pierre couldn't wait to get Naked – and he’s looking forward to hearing what you think of his wines!

Map of the Vineyard

Pierre Boeglin's Story

"After studies in wine growing and oenology, I've spent more than 25 years as oenologist and head of culture. I have worked in several renowned domains in Alsace and for the last 6 years, I am glad to manage Domaine du Moulin de Dusenbach in Ribeauville.

This job allows me to combine several passions: the nature and its seasonal cycle, the manual labour and the great moments like the grape harvests. As winemaker you have to be creative and sometimes follow you instinct. I always wanted to create my own wines expressing the personality of the soil, then watching their evolution.

Every year the climate is different; winemaking is a continuous learning experience because you always face new situations! To maintain a good quality, you must adapt to the unpredictability of nature. I love to see satisfaction while someone enjoys tasting my wine!

Thanks to our 28 ha wine estate, spread over 15 villages; we take advantage of the variety of soils to provide a wide diversity of wines suitable for both professional and wine lovers. Whether you prefer mineral dry wines, more round fruity wines or sweet and aromatic wines, you will certainly find the wine that suits you.

The new policy of wine making undertaken upon my arrival in the Domain, which allows us to propose harmonious wines and provide customers with value for money. We obtained numerous awards during various national and world contests.

The domain is going to win in fame and popularity, carried by its best ambassadors that are our wines. We always keep quality as highest priority and wish to keep on convincing wine lovers about it.

We hope you love them and look forward to hearing your thoughts Angels!"

Pierre's Archangels

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