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Tradition meets the future with this father and son duo making elegant Prosecco in an eco-friendly family winery

  • From father and son… to father and son. Massimo’s dad set up Isola Augusta in 1959 and Massimo followed in his footsteps, joining him in 1972. Ever since, their family has been crafting top-class Italian wine. Now, Massimo and his son Jacopo continue the family legacy, making superb wines and delicious Prosecco.

  • Their old-vine winery is rooted deep in the middle of Friuli, near Venice, where winemaking tradition stretches right back to Roman times... and for good reason. You couldn’t design better conditions to make first-rate wines. Baking hot sunshine and strong clay soils mixed with silt and sand produce low yields of high-quality fruit, while the cooling sea breeze lends a zesty flavour and freshness to their kit.

  • But don’t let Isola Augusta’s history fool you, this isn’t an old-fashioned operation. Both father and son are super-passionate about going green and looking after future generations of Bassani winemakers. They’ve made their winery as sustainable as possible by cutting out all chemical fertilisers, installing solar panels, and reducing their carbon footprint to zero. Saluti. We’ll raise a glass of Prosecco to that.

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