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Your new Cachapoal queen of Carmenere

  • As a child of Chile’s bountiful Cachapoal Valley, Marcela Chandia always dreamed of making her very own wine using the region’s ‘exquisite’ grapes. And after a globetrotting education in wine which saw her hone her craft in New Zealand, South Africa, France, Portugal and the USA (phew!) she finally returned home to realise her dream in 2015.

  • Nestled in between the iconic Maopo and Colchagua Valley regions, Cachapoal flies a little under the radar compared to its more famous neighbours. But talented winemakers like Marcela are beginning to shine a spotlight on this up-and-coming region, with the potential to produce high-quality, fine Chilean wines for a snip.

  • Your new Queen of Carmenere, Marcela is a passionate champion of Chile’s flagship grape variety. In fact, it was the very first wine she made when she began her solo project back in 2015. She loves it for its potential to create wonderfully complex, vibrant, and velvety-smooth wines. And we reckon you’ll love hers for the exact same reason.

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