Lost and Grounded Brewers

Blinding Belgian beers from Blighty

    • We discovered Lost and Grounded while talking to our friends at Moor beer. They gave us a heads up that a brand new brewery had sprung up and was cracking out smashing beers so naturally we were curious...
    • Lost and Grounded are just over a year old but Alex's many years experience as a brewer means their beers are nothing short of extraordinary.
    • Lost and Grounded are strongly influenced by German and Belgian brewing techniques so look out for some unusual styles from them heading your way in the near future.

Alex set up his brewery in 2015 to finally brew the kinds of beer that he's passionate about. With an illustrious international brewing career behind him he's now focused on producing balanced, drinkable beers with a subtle Belgian influence.

Always humble and "Grounded" the team are determined to make great beer while staying true to their core values and maintaining the highest possible standards of quality.