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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Nuits Saint Georges Les Longecourts 2017

Winemaking runs in Bruno's veins

    • Bruno’s family has been making wine in the same village for centuries, so it would be fair to say that winemaking runs in his veins. 

    • He wanted to break the mould and study engineering but his destiny was in the vineyards and he just couldn’t keep himself away for long. Bruno has been making wine since 1987. 

    • He works with his brothers to produce complex, elegant wines. They hope that with the help of Angels they will be able to work closer with nature and reduce their carbon footprint.

Map of the Vineyard

Bruno's Story

For centuries, our family has been growing grapes in our village, the most beautiful valley in the world, this is our culture. Winemaking is a family bug! After a couple of years studying engineering, I realised  it wasn't for me, I tried winemaking and wine trade studies; that was a revelation!!! 

What I love about my job is seeing the customer's reaction and after a hard day's work, the vineyards looking happy and neat. 

We always pick our grapes later than our neighbors to achieve softer tannins and finer aromas. We want to please our customers and always do something better and different than our neighbors. I have a passion for Gamay Noir (the son of Pinot Noir), my aim is to produce wines with complexity and elegance. 




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