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One of the most celebrated family wineries of the Ahr Valley

  • In 2021 the Ahr Valley was devastated by floods that left local winemakers on their knees and wiped out 10% of the region's vineyards. With your help, Naked raised over £50,000 to help rebuild the lives of those affected. That’s when we met Peter & Michael Kriechel.

  • The Kriechel family is one of the most celebrated names in the Ahr Valley. Their winemaking journey began in 1952, when Peter Kriechel Sr planted his first vines among the steep hillside plots that define this incredible wine region. Starting out with a single 1.5 hectare field, they now own and manage almost 27 hectares of grapevines around the region, all hand-picked and diligently maintained for quality over quantity. 

  • Specialists in Spatburgunder (that’s what the Germans call Pinot Noir), Peter & Michael’s Ahr Valley wines are delicious enough to rival anything from Burgundy. They abide by a staunch regional philosophy in their winemaking - even the oak trees for their wine barrels come from their own forest on the Ahr to provide the optimal terroir for their wines.

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