Vin Chin

Vin Chin

Started 22/11/2016 by Derek Broughton





A group for tasting and discussion of Naked wines.

We'll pick a topic of discussion far enough in advance to order appropriate wines, then have an online meet-up (using Slack: ) on the first Thursday of every month (8-9pm) to discuss the wines.

I'll lead the discussion (unless anybody wants to volunteer for any particular session), basically researching the particular wines and giving an overview before we taste them (or at least, before you admit to it...).

We'll probably choose two wines that everybody would taste, but anybody will be welcome to open something else (not necessarily a Naked wine) and talk about how it works in comparison to the wines we're tasting.

If you want to join in the discussions, send me an email at, and I'll send you an invite to Slack

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