Let’s do our bit to help South Africa’s struggling wine industry

Join us on Tuesday 30th March at 8pm to find out how you can help… and get a delicious 6-pack of wines in return

Hi guys,

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the situation in South Africa lately, where a national alcohol ban in lockdown really hit the wine industry and all those that are involved in it - grape pickers, winery workers, bottlers etc... Millions of litres of wine have been left sitting in tanks while they went into another harvest, with nowhere to put the grapes/juice.

Well, it really upset me to see this, so we jumped into action to see what role we could play. I'll share more details with you on Tuesday evening (30th March) on a Thirsty Toosday Zoom session if you want to join me and a few of the winemakers I got around the virtual table to discuss this with.

And we'll be launching a MarketPlace Deal with the wines which these winemakers have managed to source so you can play your part too.

Click the green button below to visit and join our Naked Marketplace group – and I’ll post a message with all of the info closer to the time.

Take care :)


Ray, Wine Guy