Richard's Elgin Syrah 2016

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by Richard Kershaw

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Elegant and refined Syrah from one of South Africa's finest winemakers

    • Richard spent years making fine wines for the most prestigious winery in South Africa. Now with a sprinkle of Angel funding, he's bringing all of his passion, experience and know-how to your glass.
    • An elegant and refined Syrah with a graceful touch. Bursting with fresh and vibrant dark fruits... with a splice of ground white pepper to give it that spicy kick Syrah is famous for.
    • This delectable drop makes the perfect crowning glory on your finest Sunday roast - grab yourself a lovely top-side of beef and watch their jaws drop.

Ageing advice
Drink now to 2023

Serving advice
Serve at 16-18°C. Open/Decant 30+ minutes before serving

Local food match
My personal pairings would include grilled lamb chops with fennel, Lamb shawarma or a Greek gyros with tzatziki sauce; charcoal-grilled pork shoulder with fresh herbs and garlic would work a charm and for the more adventurous perhaps pork with a black bean chilli in which the fruitiness of the wine tames the heat in the chilli and the mid palate is juicy enough to link to the pork. Going posh you could try a juniper and pepper crusted venison served in a red wine sauce, more recently I tried it with beef shank (or Italian wild boar meat sauce if you can find) with pasta strips (pappardelle) and mint. Here in South Africa, we get some great lamb that is more on the gamey side. Try leg of lamb rubbed in paprika, ground cardamom and chilli powder roasted with garlic cloves and rosemary works a treat. On the other hand a regular hamburger is an absolute winner. If you go for a topping, the acidity in the wine will work with the sweeter toppings better: ketchup, sweet relish, caramelized onions. For the vegetarian dishes brined or grilled aubergine works well as does a vegetarian lasagne and of course you could do a nut roast and veggie burger. In the pasta department, tomato-based sauces can work but I think some herbs like thyme are also needed, garlic and a smidgeon of chilli. Many Middle Eastern dishes would also work well with the fruitier Cutler Syrah. Asian foods such as duck pair well with the peppery notes of the Syrah but the wines comes alive with some Szechuan pepper whilst the sweetness of hoisin sauce will match the acidity to a tee.