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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Olivier Cazenave Bel Allure Bordeaux Rouge 2019

Chosen by your Archangels at the French Zero to Hero competition

    • Henri's Minervois beat off competition from 240 French wines to win our first Zero to Hero winemaker competition
    • Finding the best winemaker in France is like finding a needle in a haystack - there are over 27,000 producers - but Henri rose to the top
    • Henri's passion and dedication shines through in his seriously classy reds - bag a bottle to see for yourself!

Map of the Vineyard

Henri Forest's Story

"Being a winemaker is, in my opinion, first to love the land, then work the land to produce beautiful clusters that leads to what happensin the mouth, when the wine is tasted and (hopefully) appreciated. It isalso like good wine, eaten with family and friends...It's like sharing...

What I like in this work is to see the vines that grow "cry" in March/April, a sign that the roots resume their activity, until it makes men what they have him given throughout the year...And then it'sdormant in the winter... like in a fairy tale!

Villepeyroux our wine isa fruity wine, bursting with sunshine that pleases the palate. Here the land is arid but this is what gives strength to the wine.Generosity, power, rich flavorthat remains in the mouth are the qualities that make our pleasant wine to drink.

Of course, there are hard times to live when everyone is worried about the vine: storm, drought, hail or destroying the work of so many days.

But when the tests are passed there is the joyof the first glass of grape juiceof the vine came directly harvested with the promise of a wine that will delight the senses. Wecurrently build a vault to better our customers receive and present the wine. Our ambition for the future is to continue to offer the best of our region through improved collection annually of wine produced in limited quantitie sfor the sake of all who love good wine."

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