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Head Winemaker for a big Champagne house gets to make stonking sparkling for Angels

    • Cyrille has Champagne running through his veins. His family have been making top-quality bubbly for generations. He also happens to be head honcho at a huge Champagne house.
    • Honing his talents and making exceptional sparkling have always been his goal and boy does he deliver.
    • Thanks to Angel funding he has been able to produce an exclusive delicious fizz with his own name on the label, using the same source of top-notch grapes as his famous labels.  

Map of the Vineyard

Cyrille's Story

I was born in Epernay in 1969. My parents and grandparents were Champenois and involved in the production of champagne

My interest was always in the magical process whereby the grapes from numerous different vineyards, of different grape varieties, can be assembled to make a fine and elegant champagne. 

The process of transformation from grape to bottle is quite fascinating, and new challenges and techniques appear all the time, so there is no room for complacency.

I have been making wine for all of my working life since leaving wine school: about thirty years

In our champagne house we work hard to maintain a high and consistent quality for
a very high number of bottles produced. A high quantity of good quality bottles is quite a bit more demanding to produce than  a low quantity.

I like champagne based on the two black grapes in Champagne: Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Although Chardonnay is important for elegance and complexity, the two Pinot varieties add generous fruit and structure, which evolve with time into a toasty and rich champagne.

There were always one or two large hurdles, but I am grateful to have got over the all and still be in good shape for the future. 

The difficult harvest such as 2003 remains in my memory. That year was very hot and dry, with grapes close to cooking on the vines. We had to pick early because of the advanced ripeness, and we struggled in the blending to use as much reserve wine as reasonably possible to encourage as much freshness and elegance as possible. Left on its own, the harvest would have produced a wine tasting of toffee

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I am biased towards a New Zealand SB - especially Rods! Outside of that I love big bold reds from Italy, a Californian Zin that is daring and smooth IPA when watching the rugby!!!