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Allen's Wines

Buckets of character, just like his wines

    • Allen thought he had the perfect job working with women's swimwear
    • Until he discovered the pleasures to be had in creating a beautiful wine!
    • He laboured for no pay to gain the skills required to get his first job and has pursued wine knowledge ever since

Map of the Vineyard

Allen Hedgman's Story

 "Bibby Wines was started in 2009 by Andy and Krissy Bibby and what a journey it’s been. In true entrepreneurial style, a trait synonymous with the Bibby gene, they set about transforming their spare storeroom into a boutique winery. Hours were spent researching, finding equipment, setting up and acquiring the all important winemaker (me!). In no time the first harvest was upon us. Manpower was called in; grapes, under the watchful eye of vineyard manager Bruce, were picked, weighed and pressed; many a cup of tea was drunk.

 It was now I could now get down to the serious business of creating, what we hoped to be, award winning wine. Stress levels rose alongside the fermentation and alcohol levels of the wine, every single grape being caressed and blended to perfection. Eleven months on, we get instant gratification from all the hard work and effort in a single tasting of our fabulous wines. And now we’re gearing up to do it all again! I really hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour...we certainly enjoyed making it."

Allen's Archangels

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