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After stints in Australia and South Africa, Alessandro is back home in Sicily scouting out gems for Angels

    • When our very own Kevin McCarthy tipped us off about Alessandro Biancolin - a pal of his who’s working magic with grapes in Sicily... we couldn’t resist.
    • With 25 years’ experience as a consultant winemaker, Alessandro has worked in every corner of Italy. So there’s literally no tank, barrel or vine he doesn’t know.
    • Alessandro saw the difference that Angel funding was making to his buddy’s business and wanted in on the Naked revolution. That’s where you came in... snapping up 500 cases of his Nero D'Avola in less than 24 hours on Naked Marketplace!

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Alessandro Biancolin's Story

"Ciao Angels!
I have 25 years experience in winemaking, first as an estate winemaker then as wine consultant. Most of my experience was gained in Tuscany: I was the winemaker for the Petra estate for nine years and worked three years at Marchesi Ginori Lisci. I have worked as a consultant for renowned Tuscan and Sicilian wineries as gaining experience overseas, including Australia (Coldstream Hills, Tarrawarra Vineyards, Wyndham Estate) and South Africa (Hamilton Russell Vineyards).
I began to work as a winemaker, following the family tradition, as my father was also a winemaker. My first experience in Australia, back in 1988, was really the spark that made me fall in love with this job.
I love this job for many different reasons. I make wine year after year, but it is never the same, every vintage is different, every vintage is a different challenge. I love walking in the vineyards, looking and tasting the grapes...trying to understand the grapes, imagining the final result.
The wines I make are the expression of the grapes and the terroir where they come from. They are wines made for the Angels, to be enjoyed with friends and with good food.
There's been many memorable moments along the way. Once, I was doing a manual 'pigeage' on a vat of Tuscan Sangiovese when I fell in the bin! Luckily it was not too deep.
When I was at Petra in 2005, I opened for the first time, a series of barrells of sweet wine, made in the Tuscan VinSanto style. Barrells sealed with wax, from vintage 1997 to 2003, untouched and never opened before. It was a great surprise to taste such wines!
In the past, I think too many vineyards have been planted in places without any particular vocation for growing grapes. I think we should go back and produce wines only from vineyards that are a true expression of that place, of that region, of that particular terroir.
I am proud that many of the wines I have made have won medals and received between 94-98 Parker and Wine Enthusiast points."

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