Squashed Grape

Wild Beer

Specialties & Hybrids ABV 5.00%

Using grape must - the crushed fruits and stalks after grapes have been pressed for their juice to be made into wine - we have brought wine and beer together. We love wild yeasts and ingredients at the Wild Beer Co and frequently use locally foraged ingredients. We decided to team up with a nearby wine producer to create a beer with incredible locality and a truely wild character. Grape must is discarded as a waste product at vinyards only the juice is kept. However this is where all the natural wild yeasts are and we wanted to harness these unique bugs to sour bring them to beer. We used white grapes at the beggining of the fermentation to add sourness and then red grapes in the conditioning to add extra flavour and funk. Using our proprietary Somerset yeast captured in local cider orchards and harnessing the wild yeasts and bacteria from English grapes this beer's favour is rooted in its locallity. With an assertive acidity complex funk and bright pink colour it's as unusual as it is delicious and in limited numbers - so get yours fast!

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