Simpsons of Servian Life Is Rosy 2017

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by Charles & Ruth Simpson

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Fresh, full flavoured, luscious rosé from a super-passionate husband and wife winemaking duo

    • With a name like Domaine de Sainte Rose, it was inevitable that we made a rosé! We love rosé, so we knew we could make something really special for our Angels.
    • Naked Angels have been hugely enthusiastic and encouraging of us producing a rosé, so Naked HQ backed us to give it a try!  We are honoured and flattered that you have given us this opportunity to take this new wine out there and we hope you enjoy it. 
    • This is a fresh, full flavoured, luscious style of rosé, dry but bursting with strawberries and cream flavours and with a wonderfully silky smooth finish.  All this but with enough backbone and structure to pair with light summer dishes in addition to being the ultimate aperitif!

    Charles and Ruth, Winemakers

Ageing advice
Drink now to 2019

Serving advice
Serve chilled at 7-9°C

Local food match
Delightful as an aperitif, to be quaffed with canapés or savoured with light lunches, such as salads, fresh shellfish or grilled fish.

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