Sacchetto Prosecco Col de L'Utia Magnum 2018

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by Paolo Sacchetto

of 1,582
would buy again
of 1,582
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% Would Buy It Again


92% of 13

2018 Magnum

89% of 1,582


93% of 3,256

2017 Magnum

90% of 2,621


95% of 2,602

2016 Magnum

92% of 8,667

2015 Magnum

92% of 1,450


92% of 4,526

2014 Magnum

89% of 3,925

A super-sized 1.5L serving of Paulo's delicious tongue-tingling Prosecco

    • Super-talented Paolo has bottled his prize Prosecco into shiny 1.5 litre magnums, perfect for when a single bottle just won't cut it.  
    • Crisper and creamier than Cava, with a less brutal fizz than Champagne, this tongue-tingling tipple should have your back, whatever the occasion.
    • It’s full of fruit and delicate refreshing bubbles. Perfect for parties, weddings, Christmas, or just celebrating all year round.

Ageing advice
Drink it during the whole year after the harvest.

Serving advice
Serve it very chilled!

Local food match
It’s an excellent aperitif as well as accompaniment for all the courses, fish and vegetable-based finger food, shellfish and baked and stuffed trout. In Veneto we usually have it to celebrate and to make spritz, a cocktail with Aperol.. try it and share it with many friends!

Map of the Vineyard