Ocaso Gran Malbec 2015

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by Patricio Gouguenheim

of 3,753
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of 3,753
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Ocaso Gran Malbec 2016

Patricio's Gran Malbec is a little bit special

    • Malbec is what Argentina does best (that and beef). With that extra added 'reserve' you get better grapes, and more ageing. All round, an even better wine.
    • If you plan on sticking a bit of beef anywhere near an open flame this summer I'd suggest you get some of this in.
    • Oh, and save it for your more private parties. This is too good to share with the neighbours.

Ageing advice
Drink now to 2025

Serving advice
Serve at 16-18°C. Open/Decant 1-2 hours before serving

Local food match
Meat, beef, lamb, pork

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