Katie Jones Maury 2000

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by Katie Jones

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Domaine Jones Muscat 2016

Katie calls this her 'ultimate Christmas wine'

    • I came across this wine on a visit to a local producer in the village Maury. I was blown away by the complexity and sumptuous flavours. I thought it would be fun to bottle just a small amount of the 2000 vintage for Angels.
    • This style of Maury is a fortified wine. Each sip is bursting with treacle, nuts, figs, coffee and cocoa.
    • Crack this open after a big and hearty dinner, it pairs perfectly with pudding.

    Katie, Winemaker

Ageing advice
Drink now and enjoy!

Serving advice
Drink at room temperature or just slightly chilled

Local food match
Blue cheese, roasted almonds, or with chocolate puddings!! Yum yum

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