Domaine Jones Muscat 2016

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by Katie Jones

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Virgile Joly Carthagene 2016

50cl of utterly delicious, sweet and floral Muscat from one of your best-loved winemakers

    • Katie's little sweetie has it all. Think mouth-watering honeysuckle, with a dollop of exotic turkish delight and a fresh, fragrant elderflower finish that'll dance across your tongue and leave it begging for more.
    • Archangel Robbie sums up this delicious drop perfectly... "I defy someone to not enjoy this. Even if you don't like dessert wine"- we reckon he's right!
    • Katie recommends you grab yourself a posh bar of indulgent 60% dark chocolate and go wild!

Ageing advice
Drink now and enjoy!

Serving advice
Serve lightly chilled at 10-12°C

Local food match
With olives or savoury nibbles as a pre dinner drink. Also excellent as a dessert wine, paired with fruit tarts, dark bitter chocolate mousse or blue cheese.