Diego Fernandez Verdil 2017

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by Diego Fernandez Pons

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Introducing Diego and his fight to save this versatile little grape

    • Verdil, a rare golden-yellow grape variety almost exclusive to southeastern Spain, has been in huge decline over the years. Luckily Diego and a handful of others have come to its rescue and are creating balanced and lively wines that are sure to impress!

    • His organic vineyards thrive under the glorious sunshine and cool sea breeze of the area, and the white clay soil enhances the delicious creaminess of all that fruit. 

    • Pale yellow in colour, with citrus and apricots on the nose and a subtle hint of anise, this is a seriously smooth wine with a delightful long finish. Diego likens it to meeting up with an old friend where you can’t stop smiling and time flies unnoticed...And we couldn’t agree more!

Ageing advice
Verdil will keep fresh and fruity for a year but, if some Angels are patient enough to store it in a dark cool place for some extra years, they will be surprised by the ability it has to develop oily, aged aromas.

Serving advice
Open and enjoy!.

Local food match
We love salads and Verdil is a perfect match for them. Fresh Whitings or Mullets, lightly salted and covered with flour before being fried in olive oil are delicious with Verdil! I personally also enjoy Verdil with a Spanish omelette, and it also goes well with a green Salad with fresh herbs

Map of the Vineyard