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Brothers born into a Champagne legacy - and loving it!

    • Xavier and Nicolas grew up amongst the vines, and spent their summers helping their father in the cellar.
    • They love being in contact with nature every day... they say they “love being like small bees... from plants, we create a delicious nectar.”

    • Being their own boss means they get to make the style of Champagne they love. They describe it as having “a very mineral character, fine, pure, rich and complex, with a nice freshness.”

Map of the Vineyard

Xavier & Nicolas Chaput's Story

"Xavier studied viticulture and oenology and then trained in a Grand Château in Bordeaux, before taking over the family estate in 2002.

I (Nicolas) used to be an engineer. I worked for international companies in France and Germany. In 2008, I decided to get back to my first love : Wine-making. I ended up with a master's degree in international wine business from Dijon.

The wine is in our blood! When we were young, we were helping our father in the cellar. When our parents were tying up the vine during the summer, we were playing in the rows. We cannot explain it, but we like this land, its tradition, its history, its people!

 Xavier have been making wine for 15 years and me for 7 years.

Being in contact with nature every day, it is for us so fulfilling, rewarding, it is just like essential needs! We also love being like small bees... From plants, we create a delicious nectar.

Our vines grow in a special terroir. Made of clay and limestone, it was born 150 million years ago from a prehistoric sea. Today, we still find fossils of oysters, sea snails or mussels. Fascinating! Our way of growing vines encourages them to feed on this old life.

We only make the wines that we like. With a very mineral character, fine, pure, rich and complex, with a nice freshness.

The harvest is always very special time. So intense. We all day long focus on our grapes. It is like the end of something, the achievement of a year of hard work but also the beginning of a new adventure, making wine!

We have so many projects that Angel funding could benefit. We would like to open next year a beautiful tasting room in an historic building. You'll be welcome!

Your help will also help us to prepare the future. We already think how to pass this wonderful legacy on to the next generation. It is very exciting for us to present our wine to passionate and keen to learn people."

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