Wild Beer


Founded in 2012. Wild Beer, Wild Yeasts, Wild Ingredients, Wild Ideas, Wild Ambitions...

    • Wild beer are the undisputed kings of sour beer in the UK. Their experimental approach has lead them to make exceptional beers from hibiscus, pepper, preserved lemons, grape must - you name it!
    • Brett and Andrew have a vast barrel cellar in which they mature their sour beers as well as steel tanks for maturing their hoppier creations.
    • To get their beer beautifully clear without compromising the flavour they invested in a high-tech centrifuge - only the best will do for our Angels.

Wild Beer's Location

Before Wild Beer was founded, Andrew and Brett were at the Great British Beer Festival contemplating British Beer. We tried a beer called La Roja by Jolly Pumpkin brewery (a sour beer from France) and Brett immediately commented that it was a shame no breweries in the UK made beers like that. One week after our return from the Great British Beer Festival, Andrew gave Brett a bottle of Gales Prize Old Ale (a rare lambic English beer) to try, and an idea for a beer of our own was born. The idea was to brew a dark beer that is barrel-aged with wild yeasts. What followed was a series of conversations that led to us to thinking about brewing lots of beers that were barrel-aged and used wild yeasts the Wild Beer Co. seeds had been sown. The pair began brewing at Arbor Ales in June 2012. Four months later, brewing began at Wild Beer HQ. In addition to their slow burning brettanomyces yeast beer, Wild also produce some delicious fruity pale ales like Pogo. At this brewery flavour is king and they'll experiment with anything and everything to make truly exceptional beers. They even age one of their beers in red wine and bourbon casks and then blend the two together to get the balance just right. Brett and Andrew never cease to surprise and we'll be seeing lots more from them in the future.