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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Scott Peterson ROX Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2019

Scott lives and breathes old-school Californian winemaking - with his rich, generous, take-no-prisoner Chardonnay.

    • Scott was an integral part of the Kendall-Jackson winemaking team, defining California Chardonnay in the 90s. That Cali Chardonnay style known all over the world as unctuous, ripe, full-throttled.
    • He loves working with Angel funding because you let him make the wines he wants to in the way he wants to make them. He's all about old school California and he doesn't want to make a new style of wine just because it's fashionable.
    • If you like gloriously rich Californian wine that takes no prisoners, go and buy a bottle (or three) of Scott's wine. You will not regret it.

Map of the Vineyard

Scott Peterson's Story

"Hiya Angels,
I've been making wines now for 26 years (oh my) - I became a winemaker frankly because it's the coolest job in the whole world!
After growing up in Virginia, USA, I migrated to west coast in search of surf, but found grapes instead. I've been fortunate to work not only across California but also South America - and now back in California I love working with the dynamic characters at Naked Wines.
I would say the biggest influence on me and the kind of wines I like to make is the Sonoma Coast itself - that and my palette!
I of course love classic Chardonnay but I also love Cabernet for its richness and expressive flavours - I also enjoy working with Pinot Noir.
Through experience and tenacity I have a knack for finding the best deals for fruit and oak barrels. Coupled with the help from Angel funding this allows me to create wines with a real depth of flavours, originality, and all the while at a fantastic cost to the Angels who have supported me.
Joining Naked Wines seemed almost too good to be true - the idea of chasing some really good fruit, making wine, having the $$ covered and not worrying where your next pallet sale is going to come from. Brilliant.
Thank you so much Angels!"

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