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Talented Frenchman and Master graduate in viticulture, from one of the BEST villages in the Rhone

    • 4th generation winemaker and a Master graduate in viticulture, what Pierre doesn't know about winemaking isn't worth knowing
    • Pierre's wines come from one of the best villages in the Rhone.
    • In fact, they're soon to be awarded their own appellation. Get in now before his prices go up

Map of the Vineyard

Pierre Latard's Story

"I love working closely with nature, and it's a delight to create a product which gives people such pleasure."

"Winemaking is a family passion for me, and a business through generations. I have travelled all over the world for the love of wine - including Australia, Uruguay and New Zealand, where I have worked on several estates.

I love working closely with nature, and it's a delight to create a product which gives people such pleasure. The variety of the job is also very appealing - each vintage we produce is different and new.

There are certain unfortunate things that come with being a winemaker, including wine-stained hands, lips and teeth (and having to wear plastic boots all the time), but they're worth putting up with!

If I were to offer advice for what makes a good winemaker, there are several things I would say:

  - Be passionate about what you do

  - Take great care of the vineyard

  - Have an environmental conscience

  - Regularly taste the wines

But out of all of these points, the first is the most important - you must love the job you do!"

A few Naked Extras about Pierre:

  - He's once worked in 45 degree heat to nurture his vines

  - His vineyard is environmentally friendly and they employ sustainable and organic practices

  - Pierre's favourite wines are Chateauneuf de Pape, Henri Bonneau and Hermitage 1983, La Chapelle

  - His favourite wine region second to France is South Africa

  - He compares himself to a bottle of Gigondas - robust and a long-time living!

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