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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Sacchetto Rose Brut

The Sacchetto family have been making some of Italy's most famous wines for nearly 100 years

    • Like his dad and grandad before him, Paolo Sacchetto has been making divine fizz since he grew out of short trousers. His family business has siblings and cousins in every nook of the vineyard and winery. Even his 80-something dad still turns up for work every day. You can’t buy that experience.

    • Paolo doesn’t just make wine. He pours his heart and soul into it. It’s his life, his passion. And he loves getting feedback from wine drinkers, which he uses to improve every vintage. So when he heard about Naked’s Angels, it was a match made in heaven.

    • A genius with bubbles, not for nothing is he known as ‘The King of Prosecco’. He makes a range of classic Italian whites including, for our money, some of the creamiest fizz on the planet.

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Paolo Sacchetto's Story

"I was born in a winemaking family so I think that I’ve been a marked man! At the beginning I looked at my father’s job with admiration and amazement for this big world such as wine. As a teenager I used to follow him during the fairs and began to enter the perspective that THAT could be my future job. And here I am!  I probably haven’t chosen it among many others, but when you grow surrounded by grapes, bottles and wine talks, you end up doing what you’ve grown with!

To tell the truth, it is not an easy job! Nevertheless it is satisfying, it requires carefulness and adaptability because vintages are different every year, especially the quality the grapes give, which is also a the main factor that influences the wine business. What I really love is keeping and creating contacts with my customers, speak with them, try to understand what they’d like and make everything to realize their desire.

I think that our wines are special because we believe in them. What I want to say is that we try to meet our customer’s desires and for this reason it can happen that we have different types of just one kind of wine!

Everyone can produce good wines, starting from a good basis of course… but it’s what you add that makes the difference, often also a small piece of heart in every bottle that goes out.

If you think you would like to try our wines, you should just read other customers comments and choose whether to risk or not. Considering the positive ones, I think that our wines are appreciated for almost all of the people who tasted them. For sure, they cannot be loved by everyone (it won’t give the right difference of tastes) but it depends also on what one person wants to try and what he expects the wines to be. The important thing is that the wines achieve people’s expectations, or better, that they exceed them."

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