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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Stefano di Blasi IGT Toscana 2018

Hard grafting Matteo is manic about organic

    •  Matteo is one hard grafter. His first harvest was back in 2006 and his foot hasn’t touched the brake ever since.  He’s forever searching for new techniques to create wines people aren’t expecting and is a firm believer that there is always room for improvement.

    • The smart cookie remembered to save a bottle from his first harvest and, 10 years later during a big family Christmas, he opened it. It was a moment of ‘pure ecstasy’; topped only by the arrival of his first child in 2018!

    • Being an organic winery, Matteo is at the mercy of the elements, which means sometimes he has to start all over again, at eye-watering cost. Angel funding will give him a safety net so he doesn’t have to worry about Mother Nature flexing her muscles in the future, instead he can just get on with the really important stuff of making delicious wines for you to enjoy!

Map of the Vineyard

Matteo's Story

"My father was a wine maker, my grandfather was a wine maker, and my great grandfather was a winemaker. 

All I can remember since I was young is the harvest, the smell of the fermenting tanks, I couldn't immagine myself doing anything else.

My first harvest was in 2006.

I always look to "create" something new, to "create" something that people aren't expecting, and the immense joy of tasting one of my wines that I haven't tasted in a while and how excited I am when I open the bottle because  I never know exactly what the wine will be like.


I am always looking for a new technique to try, and to always improve from the year before.I am never satisfied and I always try to improve. There is always room for improvement.

I became a father in 2018, and I am beaming from ear to ear ever since! 

Other than becoming a father, my favourite moment in my life was Christmas 2016.  With all of my family - I opened my Barolo 2006 - which had been my first ever Barolo and had been ageing since 2006. An unforgettable moment of pure ecstasy !

Angel’s can help us. Being an organic winery, we can not "cure" the vines and so it happens that we have to rip out an entire vineyard and start all over again. This is an enormous cost, and of course is never calculated. Angels could really help us here, and help us to thrive! "

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