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Martin's Wines

Maverick winemaker making waves in Germany

    • Archangels discovered Martin's Riesling in a tasting at Naked HQ. His wine was chosen over 70 other whites to become part of the Naked family.
    • The untimely death of his father meant he had to take the reigns as head winemaker at his family's winery when he was only 20.
    • Though he didn't have the easiest start to his career, Martin has triumphed by making some seriously spectacular Mosel Riesling. We are thrilled to give Angels the chance to taste it!

Map of the Vineyard

Martin Gerlach's Story

"My father started the winery in 1980 as a side job. Continuously the winery grew.

Two weeks after I finished my study as winemaker in 2003 my father died in an accident and as a 20 year old I took over the winery full time.

I love the work in the nature and the possibility to be creative in many ways. To create an individual product and present this to my customers. The work is influenced by the season and changing all the time.

The steep terraces of our vineyards provide a very special microclimate and the slate soil give our Riesling wines a unique mineralic character. Riesling wines of our area belong to the finest Riesling wines of the world. Every serious wine drinker should have tasted a Riesling from the Mosel river and explore the differences between the lower, middle and upper Mosel.

The early death of my father made my start of the winery harder without the help and knowledge of the former winemaker. The positive side of this was the fact that new ways and ideas were not slowed down by old tradition. After 10 years of work we got listed with one star in the most important wine guide of Germany (Gault Millau).

Angel support will really help us to make the most of our vineyard, and help us to improve our wines each year. Since I run a growing winery in an area of difficult work conditions (very little use of machines), there is always a need of investment in the preservation of the landscape - rebuilding dry walls of the terraces - and the protection of the flora and fauna of the vineyards."

Martin's Archangels

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