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The talented Bordeaux brothers continuing a family legacy of fine French wine

  • Ludovic & Julien are the latest generation of Meffres to take up the family mantle of producing first-class fine wines from some of the most sought-after sites in all of France.

  • It was their grandfather Gabriel who began the family legacy in the mid-20th century. It was he who acquired the historic Chateau du Glana estate - located in the prestigious Saint Julien appellation, with a history stretching back to 1870 - albeit it was in a sorry state at the time.

  • Thankfully, old ‘grand-père’ Gabriel must have had a crystal ball, or maybe he simply recognised the stunning quality and potential of the estate’s Bordeaux soils. Either way, in the years since, this committed winemaking family has restored the site to its former glory. With Ludovic and Julien at the helm now producing fine French wines at some of the best quality for the price that you’ll find in the entire region.

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