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Lawrence Mason and Nick Crispini Nick Crispini



A terrific twosome making award-winning, natural Tonic Water that's taken the Gin world by storm

  • Lawrence and Nick are the brains behind Bermondsey Mixer Co and your brand-new artisan Tonic Water, which they launched after struggling to find a mixer to match the quality gins and cocktails they served at their trendy London bar. Lawrence says, “There were literally 100s of Gins from distilleries from all corners of the globe, all using exciting and innovative flavour profiles and distillation methods. Unfortunately for us, the same could not be said for the Tonic Waters…”

  • After countless hours of experiments, the guys managed to create a next-level Tonic Water that used natural ingredients instead of the bitter chemical extracts you find in commercial tonics. It was a smash-hit success and a couple years later they went all-in, starting their very own artisan Mixer business.

  • In the years since, Bermondsey Tonic Waters have garnered rave reviews, won multiple medals at the Great Taste Awards, and are now enjoyed by G&T-lovers all over the globe. It’s still a fairly small operation at the moment but Lawrence and Nick hope with your support they can scale up the business and make even more top-quality mixers for the world to enjoy.

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