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Jorge's Wines

Using his New World experience in Old World Mediterranean Spain

    • Jorge learnt the ropes in top Chilean and Californian wineries including Ravenswood. His dream is to make the best new world styles in old world Mediterranean Spain.
    • Although he's head winemaker in a huge winery, his passion is getting into a small pet project of his own to show that Valencia can be just as great as Rioja.
    • Jorge needs your help to fund oak barrels and all the tools which will help him make the ultimate Valencian wines for you.

Map of the Vineyard

Jorge Caus-Pertegaz's Story

"I was born in the heart of Valencia City, surrounded by buildings, a lot of cars and asphalt. No vineyards were around me. Because of this and also because I like wine I decided to go outside the city and to discover Spanish Vineyards. The rest is history!

After a period of training in Valencia and California I went back home and I began my work in La Vi�a, first as a manager for Quality and currently as a Technical Manager. La Vina is located in the charming village of Fuente La Higuera, literally �Fountain of The Fig Tree", some 100 km south of Valencia City on Spain�s Mediterranean coast.

Although I am the head winemaker in a huge winery, my personal passion is going into a pet show that Valencia can make wines to compete with the best of Rioja.

What do I love about being a winemaker? Well, I get to drink lots of wine for free! And I get to work with something that makes life more enjoyable."

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