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Joost & Miguela's Wines

Former Chairman of the Dutch Stock Exchange, who found his real passion in making Loire wine

    • Once upon a time, Joost was Chairman of the Dutch Stock Exchange. Then one day his world turned upside down. After falling in love with the Loire Valley on a French holiday, he decided to give up his rich city job and move there, to become a winemaker. Everyone thought he’d gone bonkers.
    • The early years were tough, and his business almost went bust. But we’d heard whispers he was crafting some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in France. So we took a chance on Joost, and sent in the Angel cavalry.
    • Since then he's been spoiling Angels rotten with some of the finest wines we’ve ever stocked.

Map of the Vineyard

Joost & Miguela de Villebois's Story

"Being as green as possible in my vineyards is very important to me."

"I grew up with wine and wine was very much a part of my household. I decided at a very young age, 18, that I not only wanted to drink wine, but I wanted to make it myself too.

I went on to study at the wine faculty at the University of Bordeaux, where I started to learn the tricks of the trade. My first proper wine business was in 1996, when I bought a farmhouse in the Loire area, and started to make two barrels of wine a year.

Being as green as possible in my vineyards is very important to me. We try and use a very limited number of 'products' in the fields, and we also green harvest in order to optimize the quality of the grapes and minimize production per hectare. Finally, we use a technique called 'effeuillage'  the reduction of leafs to increase the sun and light exposure of the grapes.

We have a great team here at Villebois, including my wife Miguela. She works very hard on the business and is my official taster of course. She also replies to all your reviews and questions so please keep them coming!. Then we have Thierry Coutant who runs and supervises the vineyards, he keeps everything running perfectly and helps to improve the quality every year.

My proudest moment as a winemaker? When well known Dutch Wine Journalist (Hubrecht Duijker) spoke of our Sauvignon Blanc as an 'absolute dream of a white wine."

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