Naked Winemaker

Johan Kruger

Your 2018 Winemaker of the Year

    • When Johan started Kruger Family Wines in 2015, he’d just chucked in a safe Stellenbosch job to follow his dream. Money was tight so he could only rent a place to make his own wines, and was spending a ton of time on the road selling them. A total waste of his time and talent.
    • Then we got a tip-off from South African legend Bruwer Raats. He said Johan was just the kind of insanely talented, up and coming winemaker Naked was born to champion. We signed him up, gave Angels access to his wines, and boom! It was love at first sight (on both sides).
    • Angel funding is helping Johan to plant new vineyards, expand his winery and kit it out with even bigger and better barrels, raising his whole operation. He’s been humbled, and truly gobsmacked, by all the love and support Angels have shown.

Johan's Activity