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Johan's Wines

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Adam Mason Red Earth 2016

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Richard's The Cutler Chardonnay 2017

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Richard's The Cutler Chardonnay 2017

The King of Chardonnay - back to reclaim his crown

    • Johan was Young South African Winemaker of the Year in 2005, and was awarded 5 stars by top critic John Platter... but it is Angel approval he is seeking now.
    • He was the King of Chardonnay here at Naked when we first launched - now any wine he turns his hand to has the Royal touch.
    • Having found the love of his life, Johan is looking to expand his business with Angel funding, at the same time he expands his family.

Map of the Vineyard

Johan Kruger's Story

"I started working on Sterhuis, in the vineyards in 1998, this is our family farm. Then, after two years of grafting on the steep slopes and getting a better understanding for the viticulture, I thought it is sad to put this hard effort into the vineyards just to sell off the grapes. In 2000 Gary and Kathy Jordan from Jordan winery offered me a position as harvest intern. As I walked into the winery seeing all the tanks, pipes, pumps etc. I just knew, this is what I was born to do. After doing a stint at Sonoma Cutrer (producing 3000 tonnes of barrel fermented Chardonnay ) I also realised that this is the variety I would like to work with most. I ended up spending four years at Jordan winery where I also had the opportunity to start up the Sterhuis brand in 2002, the rest as they say, is history.

I am an earthy person / nature child and what better way to bring nature and people together than having the opportunity and God given talent to make wines for people to enjoy.

 I`m a peoples person, and you have to love people in our industry, then probably also the diversity of our work, you have to be an accountant, marketer, handyman, salesman and off course spending long hours in beautiful vineyards and even longer hours in the winery with lots of love to the wines.

 Nature and the respect of nature and terroir I would say are the key factors that make our wines special. I`m by no means a technical winemaker, I make wines with my gut feel, that gives my wines a certain appeal and a sense of place I would say.

Whenever someone asks me what my favourite varietal is, my answer is always the same. Chardonnay, Chardonnay and then lastly Chardonnay. . . . I feel that Chardonnay is the greatest translator of terroir and for me, that is what wines should be : a reflection of where they came from.

My most memorable moment making wines would have to be when I was in Burgundy. I have been to Burgundy quite a few times for obvious reasons, the second time I was there we were staying at Domaine de Clivet, a friend of mine`s small winery outside Beaunne, after many tasting that morning we decided to have a braai ( barbeque ) . It was September, so just before harvest and the whole day traveling through the area we saw this one guys going through his vineyards. As the sun set that evening we saw in the distance, the same guy walking through his vineyards , still with his yellow jumper on, playing the violin. . . .the utmost respect for his vines, just before harvest!

 We are starting up a new family this year, at the ripe old age of 40 I found the love of my life, Sofie, who has been an amazing blessing to me. We are starting an amazing chapter in our life and I was looking for a new venture to expand our business, knowing of awesome wines and vineyards without a home. Now I have the opportunity, funded by Amazing Angels, to get these wines into your home, spread the love, is what I say!!!!."


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Inviting, appealing aroma. Fruity with a hint of spice, yet deep and complex with a pleasant lingering finish. Anyway enough about me, let's enjoy some fabulous Naked Wines!

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I love good wine, I love good food; I adore the two combining well together