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Maker of the world-famous Domus Aurea, one of Chile's most iconic wines

    • Born and trained in Bordeaux, Jean-Pascal now makes wines in Chile, where he’s become a winemaking legend. Every delicious drop he touches ends up dripping medals and critical acclaim.

    • Back in 2008 when his main client went bust, Angels stepped in to save his bacon, and his vintage. Ever since, he’s been making award-winning wines specially for UK Angels.

    • How good is his kit? Well, in his spare time he also makes one of Chile’s most famous wines – the iconic Domus Aurea Cabernet Sauvignon. It sells for £40 and scores 90+ Parker Points every vintage. That good.

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Jean Pascal Lacaze's Story

"My great grand father started it back in Bordeaux, buying vineyards and working in wine. I have followed. My gran father had his own propriety. Me I prefer to be the winemaker…because I tried to do everything and the only thing I’m good at is making wine!

Growing the grape, making the wine, presenting and selling the wine, then making a sustainable company is what makes me happy. Everything must have a sense. Every year is different, and beauty is showing difference in a different way. Why do I really love winemaking?…, nature is peaceful.

My wines usually show the expression of a place. I am looking for identifying the place and how I can translate it in a bottle. I try to build or make appear the identity of the wine (and so the place) with a different style expressed by the vintage.

The reason I know people like my wines? Because after drinking a glass, they will ask another glass! I think because they get to sample Chile in the glass. Finally, my wines are different, very different.

With my first vintage at Domus Aurea (2003)I felt I had finally had it right. Lots of responsibility yet everything looks like very easy. I enjoyed it a lot! Then I understood that I was seated in a beautiful terroir.

 My proudest moments have been getting all the great ratings for Domus Aurea every vintage. (90+ on every review)

 My new proud moment? To have a wine with my name on the bottle, all thanks to Angel funding!"

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Wine. I like it. I suppose that's the point. We all have different tastes but share a liking for the stuff. Cheers!

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I love good wine, I love good food; I adore the two combining well together

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Wine - Ghana style!