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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Galodoro Reserva Vinho Regional Lisboa Red 2019

Sorry, this wine is available exclusively to the Angels who helped make it happen. To find out more about becoming an Angel, click here.

Sorry, this wine is available exclusively to the Angels who helped make it happen. To find out more about becoming an Angel, click here.

Born and bred in the Portuguese wine industry, Hermano gets his kicks from making great value gluggers

    • Hermano was discovered by your Archangels at the London International Wine Fair 2011.
    • Having been born and raised in the Portuguese wine industry,  there is nothing this man doesn't know about how to get the best from the local grapes!
    • With his passion for Portuguese wines & drive to make top quality wines whilst keeping them great value for money, we couldn't wait to add him to the list of Naked winemakers

Map of the Vineyard

Hermano Veloso's Story

"My family, originally from this region, has been related with wine and agriculture for many generations, and I also, have grown in this “wine atmosphere”.

Vineyards and wineries have been the places where I grew, and my first harvesting (Vindima) I remember was when I was 6 years old.

It was a tradition to gather all the family around the winery, to help the ones that were either picking the grapes or inside the winery, working with the musts and grapes.So pretty soon I got used to the wine and learned a lot about it, which was something that at that time was done with old men with more than 50 “vindimas” of experience.

It seemed natural to go this way. Wine is something I always enjoyed, and the fact of having grown in the middle of vineyards plus my family owned part of a big wine company at the time, all of this took me to the wine, and therefore I went that way and never considered any other thing. 

To work in the winery and in the vineyards, and although a very demanding time of the year, the adrenaline that each “vindima” gives me, with every year being different and having to find the ways to produce good wines under different conditions, it something I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

Also, the people that work with wine are usually people that I feel that understand this “mission” and share the moments, and this is also I really like.

We try all the time to deliver very drinkable wines, easy for people to really enjoy, without having to be wine experts.

The plan is to allow people to have pure pleasure in an easy way, every time and for every different occasions, either in unique combinations of our blends where we use local grapes with unique flavours, or in the varietals where we try to express the maximum of each grape in our terroir.

 Good quality at fair prices is something that nowadays is more and more important and it is very good to “discover” that after all there are wines of good quality at such friendly prices.

 To win every year numerous GOLD Medals in different wine Challenges, many times with non-expensive wines, at the same level of other awarded wines that cost much more more is always something that give me a special pleasure.

Definitely one of the most special moments of my life was the birth of my son, that, naturally, had to arrive in the middle of the harvesting!

So it was really crazy moments, driving like crazy to the maternity to join my wife and be there, and having to return soon to the winery, since in the middle of September it can´t get more busy! So, very fast I was in the middle of the winery again, but now with a new fulltime challenge in my life, but in the end, fortunately, everything was OK.

Looking back now, I guess this will be a good story to tell to my grandsons, but at the moment, it was really pure adrenaline and a very special and unforgettable moment.

 My team and I really hope you will love our Portuguese red. We look forward to reading your reviews, learning from then and working to make each vintage even better!"

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