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From farm to factory and back again. Gian-Paolo brings you the best of Piedmont

    • After growing up on a farm, Gian Paolo spent years as the main man of a metal and plastic processing company but he was never able to forget his roots. A few years ago the urge to get back to nature became too much so he decided to follow his heart and venture into the wonderful world of wine.

    • Returning to the rolling hills of Piemonte made him realise that mother nature is really the one in charge here! He is careful to show the uttermost respect for the land around him and his favourite quote is "wine is obtained from grapes, it is not made".

    • Gian Paolo hopes you will really be able to taste the passion and hard work that goes into his wines. He’s waiting patiently to hear your thoughts and is brimming with excitement for you to taste them. Now it’s over to you!

Map of the Vineyard

Gian Paolo's Story

"Wine is obtained from grapes, it is not made", this is a quote from someone I value a lot. I believe that respecting what the earth gives us, we can express our personality, and I do not believe there is anything more beautiful. 

I spent my childhood growing up on a farm, then life took me on a different path when I started a development company for metal and plastic processing. But at some point in my life, the idea of going back to my roots was too irresistible. This is why I followed the path of those who had the devotion to stay to cultivate the vineyards on our lovely hills.

I restarted my passion only five years ago, although I never stopped loving this wonderful world of wine. 

Agriculture makes you understand that only a part of life can be controlled, the rest must be accepted.

I believe that Angels will love our wines because of the passion that we put in to making them. 

So looking forward to wine drinkers in the UK trying our wine. We are waiting patiently for your reviews."

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