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Sommelier-turned-winemaker, crowned Naked Winemaker of the Year in 2013

    • Top Sommelier turned winemaker, he knows exactly what tastes good and what food to pair it with. 
    • In 2004 Franck gave up wine serving for winemaking. He moved to Priorat, Spain’s poshest wine region. There he began hand-crafting small parcels of those premium wines he used to pour.
    • Recommended to us by Benjamin Darnault, Franck's got incredible raw talent. Using modern winemaking methods, he's taking Spanish wine into a new stratosphere of quality.

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Franck Massard's Story

"My own dream became reality in January 2009. Dedicated to identifying and collaborating with new star wineries in Spain,We started exporting some of the best Spanish wines, including some top rated organic wines, while developing a superb range of signature wines. These are the result of partnerships with some distinguished maverick winemakers, and offer an exquisite wine selection.  Both reflect the real range and depth of Spanish wines. I call them ‘wines with attitude’.
Why wines with ‘attitude’?
To make great wines one must take risks both in the vineyard and in the winery. Plant vines in harsh conditions, on steep slopes, where there are extremes of temperature. In the winery take no shortcuts, select only the grapes that are irreproachable. Be obsessed by quality and let nature work its magic. These are the common factors that unite the wineries represented by us!
‘Attitude’ rhymes with ‘altitude’ and every vineyard and winery selected has a vocation, a point of distinction which is often linked to the high altitude, and/or specific micro climate that contributes to the singular trait of the wine.
I hope you enjoy these Spanish fine wines as much as we do!"
My Wine Credentials
Spain: 8 years working as International Wine Ambassador and Educator for Torres winery, working closely with enologists and international markets.  [In 2005 passed the practical aspect of the Master of Wine qualification.]
England: 7 years working in a Michelin starred restaurant, initially as Sommelier and later as Head Sommelier. While there, worked directly for Gerard Basset MW and the Best Sommelier in the World (2010).
Germany: 2 years studying wines while working as a sommelier.
France: Love of wines nurtured as a child helping parents in their wine shop in the Loire Valley.
Wine Qualifications
-Master Sommelier Advanced Diploma – 1999
-WSET Diploma – 1998
-UK Best Sommelier of the Year – 1996

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Wine. I like it. I suppose that's the point. We all have different tastes but share a liking for the stuff. Cheers!

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Just love good wine...thats all I can say. It is just a win win scenario with Naked..If you do not like it you get your money back! Lovely folks to deal with too

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