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The winemaking rock star who made Chile's most famous wine for 3 years

    • Meet Edgard Carter – possibly the most talented winemaker we’ve landed in years. Edgard worked with the team that made the legendary Seña wine, which will set you back £100 a bottle in the UK
    • Five years ago Edgard went out on his own, and after a few knocks and surprises along the way, it’s make-or-break time for his solo venture
    • Edgard wants to put the real Chile on the map, and shine the light on unheralded grapes from beautiful old vines. Your support will give him the boost that his talent and wines deserve. 

Edgard's Story

"I liked the idea of working with Naked as soon as I’d heard about it, it is an efficient way to be in touch with the consumers, Angels, it brings the producer closer to the consumer.

I want to make a living as an independent winemaker, but also, with the development of my company, I want to establish a new treatment for traditional vineyards owners who work with me, a fairer treatment for what they produce, in order to motivate them (and their children) to continue with this precious life they have, don´t leave to the cities and preserve the heritage that exists in many parts of Chile of traditional viticulture. This traditional viticulture that unfortunately has been affected in the past decades due to unfavorable trade relations of their grapes and the forestry industry. I feel I belong to a generation that believes in a more collaborative way of working. Angel funding can help us achieve this! Thank you Angels. 

As an Angel funded winemaker I hope to be able to lighten the financial aspect of my project, and in that way I can focus more on making good wines that people can enjoy.

I´m a citizen of Santiago, my dad worked as a constructor and my mother as secretary, so I was born and raised in the city with a very urban lifestyle... but since I was a little kid always loved the countryside, growing plants, big spaces, nature.   

It all started because of my father. He always had all his meals with wine. He wasn´t a very sophisticated consumer but he created the habit in me... when that happens you just can´t separate yourself from wine, it becomes an affective relation. So, this habit for wine consumption - in a daily basis - plus my taste for the contryside took me to study Agronomy with specialization in Viticulture and Oenology.

Since 2000 I have worked from Chile to Australia and from the United States to France, as an operator, assistant, chief winemaker, biodynamic winegrower and also as technical director. In 2016 I became independent to manage Carter Mollenhauer Wines.

Amazing to think I have been making wine for nearly 20 years! 

I love that my job combines on one side a very introspective and sensorial process and on the other hand needs a very communicative side of you. In between all that, you you move from one side to the other, you are on the cellar, in my office (which is at home), Santiago, London, in the vineyard, etc. It´s never the same but at the same time it´s a wheel of common places that personaly I like it.  

For me wine is made special by the people. It´s a social expression. People are the fourth element of terroir (together with the climate, the soil and the plants), and when you make wines that respect the place - where the hand of the winemaker is almost invisible - you are doing something that is very difficult to repeat, therefore it is special. The place and the people for me it´s the most important aspect of a wine.

I’m often asked which is my favourite variety - this is hard to pick! I really like Cinsault (from Itata valley) and Pinot Noir. With these varietals you can approach to wine balances that allow you showing complex and also allow you making wines that are drinkable in a daily basis.

My first blend as an independent winemaker, this was Los Despachos, Petit Verdot 2014. This was a huge moment for me! A wine so close to my heart. I can’t wait for you Angels to taste our wines, I look forward to reading your reviews. "

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